About Our Ministry

Christian Campus Fellowship

is a non-denominational ministry, to the students of VU. CCF is unique in its own way, in that we are the only campus ministry that offers Christian housing for the students at VU. This provides a refuge and a place to hang out and get away from the pressures of college life. Through all that we do, we hope to show that there is an alternative to what the world is pushing

What We Believe

We believe that the Bible is God’s complete Revelation of Himself and His will. We believe that the Bible is THE authority for faith and practice. We believe that one can be saved, only by accepting Jesus as their Lord. We believe that one accepts Jesus by faith evidenced by repentance, public confession, baptism by immersion, and continued faithfulness.

Our Staff
Preston Ratliff
Campus Minister
Scott Shipman
Administrative Director sshipman@vinu.edu
Josh Shipman
Worship Leader liljshipman14@gmail.com www.Shipmanfilms.com
Zach Johnson
Intern vuccf@vinu.edu
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Our Residents

Shelby Root

Hope Althoff

Hope Althoff

Lindsey Clute

Jabari Hunter

Robert Kincanon

Robert Kincanon

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