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About Our Ministry

Christian Campus Fellowship

is a non-denominational ministry, to the students of VU. CCF is unique in its own way, in that we are the only campus ministry that offers Christian housing for the students at VU. This provides a refuge and a place to hang out and get away from the pressures of college life. Through all that we do, we hope to show that there is an alternative to what the world is pushing

What We Believe

We believe that the Bible is God’s complete Revelation of Himself and His will. We believe that the Bible is THE authority for faith and practice. We believe that one can be saved, only by accepting Jesus as their Lord. We believe that one accepts Jesus by faith evidenced by repentance, public confession, baptism by immersion, and continued faithfulness.

Our Staff
Preston Ratliff
Campus Minister

"I am humbled to serve VU students and the community. I want to show students that out of all the different choices and paths they can take in life, there is only One Way to follow and that Jesus Loves, Forgives, and Has a Purpose for them through biblical teaching. I pray to reach, equip, and send students not just into a career but a mission field" - Preston

Josh Shipman
Worship Leader

"CCF has always been a huge part of my life. I am blessed God has called me to play a part in His ministry for the students of VU. The Apostle Paul says in 1 Corinthians we are to Sing with our Spirit, but we are also to Sing with our Understanding. I strive to lead our students in Biblically accurate songs that are inspired by God's word, and aligned in the true nature and character of who God is" - Josh

Testimonials from past students
Wes France

"CCF is a great resource to have on campus for all students. It is an organization that wanted to help students grow in their faith and in life. CCF helped me grow both in my faith and as a man of Christ. CCF is a great place for anyone who wants to grow in their faith or who just wants an organization out there that welcomes them anytime of day" - Wess France

Delaney Holliday

"I went to CCF the first day of my freshman year and kept going all the way through my senior year. I grew in my faith and my relationship with God by going to Bible studies, services, and events and continuing good habits outside of CCF. The community of friends and family I found there was amazing! They celebrated with me at my highs and supported me through my lows. I don't know how I would have gotten through college without them" - Delaney Holliday

Brandon Stevens

"I first started at VU fall of 2019, and had been actively going to CCF for almost every event all the way until my graduation in 2024. The residents and leadership really helped me to grow spiritually. They gave me opportunities to lead others and challenge my own thoughts. CCF provides lots of opportunities to discuss the truth of Christianity whether a student is an atheist, agnostic, lukewarm, or on fire CCF provides the students the support they need" - Brandon Stevens

Zach Johnson

"I was connected with CCF for 4 years as a student and 2 as staff. CCF gave me a community of like-minded people that pursued Jesus with me and held me accountable to pursue Him. CCF put me in an environment of love, wisdom, and holiness where the Gospel of Jesus was always at the center. CCF helped me become a man of integrity, hard work, sacrifice, and devotion to Christ and that is what one can expect to gain if they invest their lives and time in what CCF is doing at VU" - Zach Johnson

Matthew Smith

"When I left High school, I was looking to change. I knew I needed to live for Jesus and needed a Christian community to help me do it. I found all of this at Christian Campus Fellowship. CCF is made up of a group of people who love Jesus, love the scriptures, and want to help college students live for Jesus" - Matthew Smith, current Paster for Franklin Heights Christian Church

Jabari Hunter

"CCF made me realize the importance of fellowship and sharing my life with others. It helped me grow closer to others but more importantly I've drawn close to God. When I'm surrounded by good brothers and sisters of the faith, it f reminds me that I have Jesus with me at all times, even if I'm alone. If someone wanted to feel the love of God and grow all the more closer to him by being around people that have experienced the grace of God, then you should definitely go to CCF" - Jabari Hunter

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